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Our Lobby-Plugin takes over every function which is needed for a spawn/hub. It provides safety, that no players can break or destroy anything. With the use of our addon system, other functions can be added. In our configuration, you can switch between a network-lobby or a world-lobby. The setup can be done via an in-game inventory.

  • • Extras [Heads + Particles]
  • • Navigator [100% customizable]
  • • Multiworld Support
  • • Setup System & easy to use
  • • Addon System
Commands and Permissions
Command Permission Description
/setwarp lobby.setwarp creates an warppoint
/delwarp lobby.delwarp deletes an warppoint
/warp teleports you to an warppoint
/loadchanges lobby.loadchanges reloads all configurations
/setup lobby.setup opens the setup inventory
/addons lobby.addons list of all loaded addons